Agnieszka Laskowska: Minister, what do you think of the dispute between Poland and Germany over the Patriot system and where it should be deployed?

Dmytro Kuleba: We support the Polish idea of ​​\u200b\u200bdeploying Patriot missiles in Ukraine, because this is the best way to protect not only Ukraine, but also Poland, other countries of Europe and NATO. We started talks with the Germans about it. We have raised these issues with the United States, because they have Patriot technology. I also use the meetings of NATO and OSCE ministers to talk to anyone who can help us make positive decisions regarding the delivery of Patriot missiles to Ukraine.

I heard the German Minister of Economy say that of course the West should arm Ukraine, but at the same time he has some doubts because these weapons will kill people and kill Russian soldiers. what do you think?

Who said this? Robert Habeck?

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First, Mr. Habik is a good friend and he has proven over the past nine months that he is doing everything he can to help Ukraine win this war against Russia. Second – I don’t know the exact context of his words, but we have already got a lot of weapons from Germany that help us … Yes, kill the Russians who invade our country. It is a right protected by the Charter of the United Nations to eliminate an enemy who invaded you and committed an act of aggression. Therefore, I doubt that Robert is against the supply of weapons to Ukraine

Video – Dmytro Kuleba for Polsat News

No no. He is not against it, but says that he is the one who signs the decisions to hand over the weapons, and therefore feels responsible for them.

Yes, but with this logic, if people do not take such decisions, more Ukrainians will die, be raped, tortured and killed by the Russian occupation army. We must be consistent in analyzing this situation. If anyone has any doubt that weapons were used to kill Russians who attacked a sovereign country and committed mass crimes, they should also admit that by not giving them weapons they are helping the Russians who attacked Ukraine to kill, torture and destroy our Ukrainian country. civilians. Let’s be consistent in our analysis.

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Your Excellency, another question, what is the current situation in Ukraine, what is the provision of energy and water for Ukrainian homes?

We are talking at the moment when my assistant informs me that emergency sirens have sounded in Ukraine, so there is a risk of another missile attack. This is our daily life, we learned to live under Russian missiles, and now we are learning to live without electricity and water supply. It is very difficult, especially in the middle of winter – this is evidence of genocide by Russia, but we know how high the stakes are and we will deal with them. It will be painful, but we will survive all these difficulties and of course it will be easier for us if our friends, including Poland, continue to help.

Your Excellency, I am waiting for our next meeting, I hope it will be soon, and you will tell me that Ukraine is free, independent and ready for reconstruction.

You will come to Kyiv, and I will tell you there.

hlk / Polsat News / Polsatnews.pl

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