The micro USB plug has been a great sales success in Poland.  It allows you to pretend to work remotely

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Hit new sales polishing Amazon might seem surprising. The inconspicuous plugin is being used…to deceive the employer.

A USB plug that simulates mouse movement is a sales hit

Just a few years ago, no one would have thought that such a device could gain popularity on auction portals. Everything changed, however, the pandemic that sent people into telecommuting. Some employers – who want to control employees as much as possible – have taken some action.

Company computers in some companies even monitor mouse movement and if it is not detected for a few or several minutes, it sends an appropriate message to the employer or logs the employee out of the system. However, it turns out that a solution has long been invented for every problem, and in this one Issue It’s a small device.

The USB plug looks like a classic receiver for a wireless mouse and costs 69.99 PLN. It’s for demonstration The job mouse by reproducing the appropriate sequence of cursor movements. On the Polish Amazon, the device is currently ranked as the leader in the ranking of bestsellers in the “mice” category. However, it is also high on the portals for sharing opportunities.

The manufacturer guarantees that the plug can be detected by the computer As a regular computer mouse and does not require any drivers to be installed. It is also meant to be undetectable to your employer’s systems. Moreover, there was a button to turn off the emulation in case the owner of the plug-in had to work during a break from rest.

If you are wondering which device is in second place on the Amazon bestseller list, it is … another plug-in for simulating mouse movement (this time a little cheaper, for PLN 42.45). Only in third place is an ordinary mouse already used The job on the computer.

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