Celine Dion’s fan club president is thrilled with the Rolling Stone Awards

After controversy over Celine Dion’s absence from the magazine’s list of the 200 Greatest Singers of All Time rollingstone, Laine Busbus, president of Charlemagne’s star fan club Red Heads, says he is amused by the situation.

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“I’m having a lot of fun. We love it when we talk about Celine,” he said during a phone interview.

For Line Phosphate, the controversy comes at a good time. The planetary upheaval caused by this ranking has resulted in an abundance of love for Celine, who is currently going through a difficult time with her health.

“We are very proud of the reactions, the public upsurge and the backlash that this award has created. It’s a big dose of love,” he said in a phone interview.

Laine Phosphas did not cry for corruption. However, she doesn’t understand Madonna’s absence from this list, which underscores the presence of singers who are not included in this ranking.

“You can’t miss Madonna and Celine Dion. The only possible explanation for me is that it’s simply an omission. It makes this ranking very unreliable and it loses legitimacy. rollingstone, It is no longer a reference,” he said.

The American magazine has a slightly snobby side, he says.

“Celine, throughout her career, was fooled by right-thinking people and musical intellectuals. It’s been like this for ten years,” he pointed out, adding that Celine’s popularity in America, in Las Vegas and elsewhere on the planet was enormous.

With a smile in his voice, Laine Pasbus explains the gift list written by a coach.

“What I remember from yesterday is the huge wave of planetary love for Celine. It’s joining the gift list check Rollingstone“, she fell down.

Thirty-six hours after the list was published, the magazine released no comment or statement on Celine’s absence from its list published on 1.R January.

Built by the team The Rolling Stones and his collaborators, this list is constructed from the originality, impact, depth of repertoire, and extent of musical heritage of singers and songwriters. It is mentioned that it does not focus on the quality of voices and vocal richness.

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