A new car for less than PLN 70,000. Zloty? Well, Citroën decided that not only the electric version of the C3 had to be cheap. The just-announced combustion variants surprised with their price, but contrary to industry trends, the surprise is positive.

Citroën first decided to show the world the electric alternative. Introduced in October 2023, the ë‑C3 is available in Poland at a price of PLN 110,650. Stellantis was supposed to be a response to the price war launched by Chinese manufacturers, as well as a model that would compete, among others, with the Renault 5 or the Volkswagen ID.2.

However, Stellantis does not live on electric cars alone. Now the Citroën C3 has seen the light, that is, the combustion twin of the model with an additional “ë”. The fourth generation of this model is now making its full debut.

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There is no point in delving too much into interior and exterior design – Whoever saw the ë‑C3 version also saw the C3. In fact, we can say that about everything except what's under the hood.

The base level will be the popular 1.2-litre turbocharged 100bhp PureTech unit, coupled to a 6-speed manual transmission.. The second option is the hybrid, which also offers the driver 100 horsepower. In this case, it is driven by the ë-DCS6 dual-clutch automatic gearbox, integrated with the electric motor.

However, the biggest hit from Citroën is undoubtedly the price of the new model. According to the official press release, the Citroën C3 will be available at a starting price of €14,990, which means around PLN 64,000. Zloty. It is pointless to assume that this car will have exactly the same price in Poland, but we will have to wait a little longer to get the price list.

Even if the new C3 will be available for a little less than PLN 70,000. PLN, that would be a really good result. After all, we are talking about a completely new car that will offer many interesting mechanical and technological solutions, as well as 100 horsepower. So, will it be a hit?

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