The Lost Ark moved into the night and instantly defeated CSGO
February 12 2022, 08:19

The premiere of Lost Ark turned out to be a huge success. Yesterday, nearly a million players played the game on Steam at the same time. However, there were problems with overcrowded servers, which forced the authors to impose restrictions on creating characters.

took off yesterday evening missing coffin, an online action RPG with MMO elements, using a free-to-play model. We already know that The premiere turned out to be a huge hit, and Steam users were just crazy about this production.

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Yesterday, nearly a million people participated missing coffin Simultaneously on Steam

Yesterday, at the worst moment of the day, in missing coffin He was having fun on Steam 984,111 people at one time. Thus, the match exceeded the score new world (913634) and became the biggest premiere on Steam since its inception Cyberpunk 2077 movie.

Of course, it must be corrected that the last two titles were paid, while missing coffin The free form is used with micropayments. However, this is still a huge hit, especially since free games on Steam that are not produced by Valve studio rarely achieve similar success. In addition to, Yesterday the MMORPG was more popular than Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Friday activity log CS GO because he rose 933423 people at the same time.

Considering yesterday’s production results, there’s a good chance that missing coffin Today or tomorrow it will cross the threshold of a million players having fun at the same time.

Good reception for the game on Steam

The production not only brings very impressive activity results on Steam, but is also warmly welcomed. At the time of writing this message missing coffin It has nearly 11,000 user reviews, 78% of which praise the production, which the site rates as a “mostly positive” perception of the game.

The game is also very popular on Twitch

interest scale missing coffin This is also well reflected in the fact that in the hottest moment yesterday, the broadcast from the game on Twitch was watched by More than a million viewers simultaneously.

The debut was not without problems, the creators have introduced a limit to the creation of characters

The results of the activities and player ratings were more impressive because the start of the game was not without problems. the first show missing coffin She had to stay I’m several hours late due to technical difficulties.

Slipping wasn’t that cool, but nowadays players often have to queue because the servers are crowded. For this reason, the creators inserted Character creation limits. This only applies to the selected servers with the biggest queue problems.

People who already have characters on a particular server will be able to continue the game and create additional heroes. New people will not join the game – they have to look for another server.

Character generation restrictions apply to the following servers in the European Union:

  1. Kadan
  2. Trixion
  3. There
  4. Zenerval
  5. Asta

Amazon will compensate players for game problems by distributing Crystalline Aura

To compensate players for problems with missing coffin Amazon intends to give away three days of so-called Crystalline Aura for every user who logs in at least once by tomorrow until 18:00 Poland time

Crystalline Aura is an optional subscription, which provides many rewards and facilitates the game.

The Lost Ark moved into the night and instantly defeated CSGO - Illustration #1

Source: Twitter.

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