Duck, rabbit or both?  What did you see in the picture?  Explanation

It’s definitely not the first time you’ve seen this photo. No wonder – it is over 100 years old. the left Created by an unknown painter in Germany at the end of the nineteenth century. For the first time (or at least this version is known as the first edition) it was published in 1892 in the German humorous magazine “Fliegende Blätter”. However, it took several years before it reached a wider audience. It happened thanks to the American psychologist Giuseppe Jastrow, who dealt with, among other things, optical illusions. The illustration is also famous for the figure of the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein Use it to illustrate the difference between seeing something as it is and seeing something as it appears.

What do you see in the picture? do not hesitate! Number of first impressions. Answer that question now, and we’ll continue to explain what that means in a bit.

What is shown in the picture Mix of ducks and rabbits. For some, at first glance it will be just a duck or just a rabbit, for others it will be a duck and a rabbit.

If you only see a rabbit or only a duck – We explain. The eye is the reference point. If you look at the eye first and then a little to the left, you can see the beak and a duck will appear. If you look in the eye first and then a little to the right, you will scratch the rabbit’s face.

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