It's clear that the creators of Need for Speed ​​want to bring back old players;  He had a serious conversation with fans, for example about the driving model
20 February 2024, at 21:56

Some influencers were allegedly invited to Criterion Games headquarters, where they had a long and informative conversation with the creators about the future of Need for Speed. The next installment in the series may differ greatly from Unbound, returning to its roots.

We recently reported that Need for Speed ​​Unbound has another year of active life ahead of it, and in the meantime, reports have emerged regarding the next installment in the series, which has yet to be officially announced. YouTuber specializing in the topic of this series Kurohs He released a video (below) in which he talks about a recent meeting at the Criterion Games studio.

Creative people NFS They apparently invited about a dozen influential community members for a long and insightful conversation about the future of the brand. Participants are prohibited from revealing details of this visit under a signed non-disclosure agreement (NDA), but we learned at least the general outline of the topics discussed:

  1. Underground, Most Wanted and Carbon as reference points when designing the next game;
  2. New driving model, without drift mechanics by pressing the brake buttonand development of the current “grip” setting;
  3. A more “significant” multiplayer mode;
  4. A wider range of music genres;
  5. In-depth car customization system;
  6. Find inspiration in both previous installments in the series (including spin-offs) and their game modes.

It looks like Criterion Games is trying to win back old fans Need for speedwhich reflects on the latest parts of the series.

In addition, KuruHS provided information that NFS is not bound Did not achieve satisfactory sales, citing the cartoonish style as one of the reasons for this situation and suggesting that the next part would therefore return to realism in the visuals. Moreover According to him last year Rumors A new edition is being made the most wantedThey may not be true.

Overall, the YouTuber said that the conversation with Criterion Games representatives was “very honest,” but also “very satisfying” and sparked hope and optimism in participants.

Of course, these are unofficial reports and should be treated with caution. however The fact that the official account left a comment underneath adds credibility to the video above Need for speed – An entry with sparse but meaningful content: “'sup” (loosely translated: “How's it going?”).

  1. Need for Speed ​​Unbound has been updated

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