The largest gold theft in Canadian history.  The police arrested the perpetrators

The nine accused of the theft are: An Air Canada employee and police representatives said during a press conference that it was the involvement of employees of this Canadian airline that made possible the largest gold theft in Canadian history. One of the perpetrators was arrested in the United States of America, and three people are still wanted and have arrest warrants issued against them.

6,600 gold bars disappeared from the airport

April 17 of last year, 6,600 gold bars worth about 20 million Canadian dollars (Canadian dollars – editor) and about 2.5 million Canadian dollars in cash in various currencies disappeared from the Air Canada warehouse. This transport had arrived earlier from Zurich. The company, which was responsible for further transportation within Canada, realized that the theft had occurred when its employee showed up at the airport to pick up the gold. Air Canada employees attempted to locate the container containing the gold and notified police at 3 a.m. the next morning.

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