April 1, 2023


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CIA Director: I think the Chinese president has kind of woken up

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Russia’s war with Ukraine. Today 379

According to the CIA chief, Russia’s actions in Ukraine could change China’s thinking about Taiwan.

“I don’t think anyone has watched Vladimir Putin’s experience in Ukraine more closely than Xi Jinping, and I think he’s kind of woken up,” Burns said.

He explained that it is primarily about the lessons that China can draw from observing “the extent to which the West can maintain solidarity and bear the long-term economic costs in order to impose greater long-term economic costs on Russia.”

“This is something President Xi needs to consider as his country recovers from COVID-19, tries to restore economic growth to China, and tries to engage with the rest of the global economy,” Burns added.

Members of Congress who support continued U.S. support for Ukraine tell their skeptical colleagues that China’s defiance is one of the main reasons Ukraine continues to defend itself against Russia.

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