Russia lost at the United Nations.  Adoption of a resolution on the safety of Ukraine.  Sergey Lavrov angry about "Western diplomatic terrorism" |  world News

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Russia Serge is amazing Friday (October 14) denounced adoption day Earlier by the member states of the United Nations resolution. As I mentioned ReutersA diplomat on Russian TV Channel One did not hide his indignation that the UN General Assembly supports Ukraine’s territorial integrity. He stated that the decision was “anti-Russian”.

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Sergey Lavrov talks about “diplomatic terrorism” and “the destabilization of traditional values”

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stated that the West is using the tactics of diplomatic terrorism. – Without shame, frankly wiggling hands and threatening developing countries with all kinds of sanctions and penalties – said the President of the Russian Republic Ministry of Foreign AffairsSupporting the Kremlin’s propaganda interpretation that the “corrupt West” and the United States are “destabilizing traditional values” and Russia “He’s only defending himself against her.”

The politician also referred to the entry of US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, commenting on the results of the vote in the General Assembly. United nations. “This vote is a powerful reminder that the world stands behind Ukraine, in defense of the Charter of the United Nations and in staunch opposition to Russia’s devastating war against Ukraine and its people,” Blinken wrote.

The head of the Russian Foreign Ministry tried to convince Russian viewers that it is not true that the vast majority of the international community condemns Russia for its actions in Ukraine. “It’s a lie and they know it,” he said, noting that Washington was putting pressure on other countries.

The United Nations General Assembly will vote on Russia. “We have to explain it.”

The resolution on the territorial integrity of Ukraine was supported by 143 countries. Five of them opposed Russia

The resolution adopted by the United Nations is a response to the sham referendums that took place from September 23 to 27 in the occupied territories of Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhia. According to the “results” announced by the Russian authorities on September 28, the vast majority of eligible voters took part in the referendum and voted in favor of annexation.

143 member states of the United Nations, including Poland All Western countries supported the resolution: “The territorial integrity of Ukraine. In defense of the fundamental principles of the UN Charter.” 35 countries abstained, including China, India, Cuba, Pakistan and South Africa. Besides Russia, only four countries opposed: Belarus, North Korea, Syria and Nicaragua.

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Drawing room at United Nations HeadquartersUnited nations. 143 countries supported the resolution on the territorial integrity of Ukraine

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