Vladimir Putin met Lukashenka.  These pictures say it all!

Russian President Vladimir Putin With Alexander Lukashenka It met on Friday, March 11th. Senior European leaders such as the President of France Emmanuel Macron (45) or Chancellor of Germany Olaf Schulz (64 years old) He was sitting at the opposite end of a 6-meter table. It is not known whether Corona virus epidemic It was an excuse for Putin to have talks at such a long distance. However, from the photos published after the meetings, it can be concluded that The leader of Russia feels like a real king behind the giant oak!

Even before the politicians’ meeting, the former Polish ambassador to Ukraine, Jan Biko, spoke to TOK FM radio.

– said the expert in an interview with the radio station.

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Vladimir Putin met Lukashenka. These pictures say it all!

You can see in the photos of Vladimir Putin’s residence in the Kremlin Alexander Lukashenka enters the room with a friendly gesture – with open arms. The head of a country at war with Ukraine called on his Belarusian counterpart for talks in Low table by the fireplace, with a maximum length of several tens of centimeters. Thus, Putin made the world understand, albeit indirectly, that his political relationship with Lukashenka was very close. After the pictures, you can see that the gentlemen, although they tried to smile, did so Their faces were uncomfortable.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Russian ruler said, He congratulated the President of Belarus on his victory in the referendum on amending the Constitution. Among the changes that have been introduced, among others Abandon the status of a non-nuclear state. This means that Belarus may ask Russia to return its nuclear weapons.

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