The Kremlin prepares awards and decorations.  It is intended for “editors”

Soldiers and pilots who participated in the capture of Avdiivka will receive generous rewards. According to the Kremlin spokesman, the Ministry of Defense is preparing lists of the names of fighters who will be honored for their contribution to seizing a strategic city in Ukraine. Dmitry Peskov added that awarding awards is Vladimir Putin's decision.

– Currently, the Ministry of Defense is preparing lists of the names of fighters who participated in the capture operation listen to me – said Dmitry Peskov. The Kremlin spokesman added, “The heroes of the operation are confirmed “You will be rewarded.”

Russia will reward its soldiers

The Kremlin spokesman explained that the lists would include “fighters from all the units that participated there and the brave pilots.” The politician pointed out that the decision had been taken before Russian President Vladimir Putin. It is true that the dictator did not mention pilot wages, but they are also worthy of appreciation.

– The President pays special attention to our pilots and other specialists of the Aerospace Forces of the Russian Federation who He made a significant contribution to the successful completion of Operation Avdiivka – Peskov explained.

look: Polish missiles bomb the Russians. The Kremlin is angry

In the letter sent by Putin to the Russian general and commander of the Central Military District, Andrei Mordvichev, the dictator expressed – apart from rewarding the soldiers – “his gratitude to all units of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation that participated in the liberation.” from the city.”

Ukraine. The army abandons Avdiivka

According to information provided by Russia. Putin is constantly informed of the progress Russian soldiers are making. Moreover, he is scheduled to receive detailed reports on the “special military operation,” as Kremlin propaganda calls the aggression against Ukraine.

The Ukrainian soldiers left the strategic city, fearing for their lives. “According to orders, we left Avdiivka for previously prepared positions,” General Oleksandr Tarnavsky said Friday night into Saturday in a social media post.

He confirmed that the decision had been made.To avoid encirclement and to protect the lives and health of soldiers“At the same time, he stressed that the army will remain there defending the country, But in more advantageous situations.

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