A sudden rise in energy prices lies ahead.  The minister provided some new news

Hennig Kloska noted Energy prices after July 1. – I can promise that energy prices will be acceptable to almost everyone, and for those who are not, there will be an energy voucher. She emphasized that we are preparing an energy voucher for people suffering from energy poverty to collect assistance exactly where it is needed.

Energy prices will rise. Minister Hennig Kloska provided new information

She added after the vacation A package of new laws on energy prices for the second half of the year It will be discussed by the government. Not everyone will receive a voucher. – There will be an income standard, She explained that it is different for single-person families, and different for multi-person families, because we will turn them into family members, but we will also work to strengthen these one-person families a little more.

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She explained that these are single-person households, for example single elderly people, where electricity prices and keeping the house warm consume “up to 70 percent of expenses.” – We are still counting on what we can afford. We have two options. The lowest alternative will cover the assistance 3.5 million families – revealed. The voucher will be paid once.

– When it comes to energy prices themselves, we propose new tariff calculations, because there is room to reduce energy and gas prices – the Minister stressed. She also added, Projects will be submitted at the beginning of April. – We must complete the legislative process by the end of May – she said.

“This is an absolute scandal.” Polina Hennig Kloska about what was found with Zbigniew Ziobro

Hennig-Kloska also commented on the issue on the programme Lifting the immunity of Zbigniew Ziobro. The Public Prosecution is responsible for conducting investigations, the courts are responsible for issuing rulings, and politicians must stand aside in all of this. I think there may be a need for thatShe said, since the searches were conducted. She added that if someone has a “clear conscience, there is nothing to be afraid of.”

The representative also referred to the increasing media activity of the former Minister of Justice, and I understand that he is defending himself, and of course I also wish him good health. He proved sick. She pointed out that this does not mean that the person will not undergo procedures due to illness.

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The Minister also talked about how the Justice Fund money is spent. – We showed that they are It constitutes Poland's sovereign private portfolio She added that it is spent according to political discretion, and not at all according to purpose.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, searches were carried out at Zbigniew Ziobro's home. The politician accuses the Prosecutor General's Office of informing him of this intention in advance. – As far as I know, there was an attempt to contact – said Polina Hennig Kloska. – I have one message on this matter: If Mr. Zbigniew Ziobro believes that the law has been violated, there are procedures that can be used – said Hennig Kloska.

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The Prosecutor General's Office announced that the leader of Sovereign Poland was found at home Folders containing his father's death certificates. – This is an absolute scandal. This indicates a special revenge. This has been talked about for many years, about Ziobro's private vendetta against his father's doctors, it's ridiculous. Mr Zbigniew Ziobro denied that he had interfered in this matter. while Original records should never be found in a private homeEven more so in the home of someone who has a clear conflict of interest, because it concerns the people closest to him, she commented.

“The left has some emotional problems.”

Henning-Kloska was also asked about it Windmill law And the distances that windmills must maintain from homes. – We will maintain a distance of 500 metres. She said that this is the government's commitment.

Dariusz Osipa quoted Deputy Prime Minister Krzysztof Jaukowski, who said: “It's a good thing he's not sitting next to Paulina Henning Kloska at the government meeting. – I have no idea what this is about. The left has had some emotional problems latelySuch attacks are on the third way. However, I encourage the left to cooperateShe pointed out that we actually signed a coalition agreement not for a period of one hundred days, but for a period of four years.

– We removed the Law and Justice Party from power not for a hundred days, but for four years, and today citizens expect us not to argue, not to quarrel, not to quarrel, but to solve disputes and problems, because this is what they have been missing for eight years. As he said: Enough arguing, move on – she added.

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