The Kielce team still does not have a license for SC Magdeburg

PAP/EPA / Ronald Vitek / Pictured: Arkadiusz Moretto (Barlinek Industria Kielce)

Anita Šibnica-Stanek

For the third time in a row, Industria Kielce handball players did not qualify for the semi-finals of the IFH Super Globe. This time the yellow, white and blue team lost to SC Magdeburg 24:28.

Two successive victories in the IFH Super Globe, a victory in the latest edition of the Champions League – the Magdeburg team knows how to win titles. In June, after overtime, the Germans turned out to be better than the yellow, white and blue team. But the Dammam match was not a return match, but rather a winning match and qualification to the final.

The Magdeburg team quickly took the initiative and wanted to dictate its terms from the start. Kelce’s team had to chase the result, they played well in defense, Andreas Wolff quickly showed his good team in goal, but the attack was not very colorful. The Polish champion had to work hard in attack, and his shooting efficiency was poor in the first minutes of the match.

Fortunately for the yellow, white and blue team, the Germans also had their problems and were unable to gain a secure advantage. Wolff performed well between Kelce’s goalposts, saving two penalties in the first half, among others.

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Dujshebayev’s players tried to play consistently, thanks to which they constantly maintained contact with their rivals. After thirty minutes of play, the handball players from Świętokrzejski Voivodeship were losing by one goal.

After the break, the score was quickly leveled by Alex Dujshebaev and the fight started again – this time it was a real exchange of blows for a long part of the bout. In the 42nd minute of the match, after Igor Karacic scored, Kielce’s team took the lead in the match. However, the Germans immediately equalized.

When it looked like the battle for victory would continue until the final siren, the Magdeburg team turned to a higher level. Kelce’s team once again had problems finishing the work effectively, meanwhile the wrestlers quickly dispelled their doubts and remained calmer in the final five minutes. In the end, the Germans won by four goals.

Kielce’s team will play against FC Barcelona in the third-place match, while Magdeburg’s team will play against Vosch Berlin for the title.

Magdeburg – Industria Kielce 28:24 (15:14)

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