March 25, 2023


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Great performance by the pole. amazing. And she is the leader in the “General” P!

On Thursday, Oskar Kwiatkowski finished fourth in the World Cup competition in giant slalom in snowboarding. The next day, another competition was held in Canada blue mountains. Fans hoped that the Pole would be able to improve the result and in the end it happened.

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Kamil Stoch needed special permission. This is what his kingdom of Zakopane looks like

Oskar Kwiatkowski wins the Friday competition. Rating leader

Kwiatkowski had a great start to the competition and was able to confidently reach the 1/8 and 1/4 finals, defeating Daniele Baguz and Sanju Lee, respectively. Thus, the Poles took revenge on the Koreans, who were defeated on Thursday in the semi-finals. Kwiatkowski would fight for the final with Masaki Shib and had no problems defeating another challenger. In the decisive duel, he will face Alexander Baer. The start was very balanced and exciting, but in the end our representative turned out to be even better, reaching the finish line 0.14 seconds faster.

This was the second victory for Koitkovsky at the World Cup, thanks to which he became the leader in the giant’s rating. “This is the best season of my career,” he said after the competition.

Top 5 giant ratings

  • 1. Oskar Kwiatkowski 334 points
  • 2. Andreas Brumegger, 307 points
  • 3. Roland Fischnalr, 244 points
  • 4. Benjamin Karl, 235 points
  • 5. Alexander Baer 208

A warning to the rivals of the Polish players. Epidemic. Three fell

Alexandra Curl took part in the women’s competition. The Polish woman reached pfinau, where she faced Ramon Hofmeister. Unfortunately, she lost her balance, which caused her to lose a lot of time, and in the end she finished the competition in fourth place. It also occupies the same position in the overall giant rating.

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The top five for the women’s giant

  • 1. Ramos Hofmeister, 327 points
  • 2. Lady Jenny, 245 points
  • 3. Julie Zug, 224 points
  • 4. Alexandra Kroll 217 points
  • 5. Daniel Ulbing 201 points

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