Ukraine.  The Russians are on the outskirts of Chasev Yar.  The city is under attack

About the situation in Chasyu Yar He said in an interview with Ukrainian public television Serhiy Chaus from the military administration of the settlement. Information provided by the official shows that although the town was evacuated several months ago, there are still civilians there.

– In Chasio Gar and the entire municipality 682 people left. These are ordinary people, townspeople, who stayed despite the war In fact, it's already taking place on our city limits – He said.

Ukraine. The Russians stormed Chasev Yar

According to Chaos, people who decided to stay in the city They are mostly elderly people.

Ruslan Muzychuk, spokesman for the National Guard, also confirmed limited information about the occurrence of combat clashes in the vicinity of the city. In a comment to, the army said that the city’s geographical location provides an opportunity Conduct a long and effective defense by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

At the same time, Muzychuk stressed that in recent hours the Russians have increased their activity in the east and south, especially in the context of drones and aviation, which conduct in-depth reconnaissance of the Ukrainian defense.

Battles of Chasyu Yar. The Russians used “frontal attacks”

He talked about the tactics used by the Russians Officer of the 26th Artillery Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Oleg Kalashnikov. According to the army, Russian units initially tried to carry out their attacks on the outskirts of the city, but recently the “frontal attacks” that were carried out along the main road leading to the settlement have increased.

They attack directly. Infantry in separate groups, this was their tactic for a long time. He added that in addition, they are trying to attract tanks and combat vehicles.

According to the military The Russians also have significant air superiority Which it uses by using guided aerial bombs that fall on civilian objects in the city.

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