Poland's play-off with Russia may be postponed for promotion to the World Cup.  The Polish national team is 'possible'

Already March 24 white-red They will play in Moscow with Russia in the World Cup play-off match in Qatar. The expected date of the meeting and the growing tension between Russia and Ukraine raise doubts. whether, what Polish people Are they going to Moscow for sure? If so, would they be safe there? Is there a possibility that the match will be held elsewhere?

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Yes, but only in one case. According to the European and world headquarters, the match can only be postponed if the situation is dangerous in the place where the match is taking place. UEFA In this particular case, FIFA is trying not to combine politics and sports. So the match can only be postponed if it is dangerous in Moscow. (…]If the situation worsens – it is possible that the Polish Federation will announce its readiness to move the match and announce its readiness to host both teams in our country. In such a case, it is likely that the match will take place at the Silesia Stadium in Chorzów, where a possible final will also be played. However, today this probability is considered very low” – we continue reading www.sport.tvp.pto.

What are the Poles waiting for after the Russia match?

If Poland wins with Russia, it will play against the winner of the Sweden-Czech duo in the decisive match for promotion to the World Cup. what if Ceslav Michenewicz He will remain in the center after the play-off matches, and his next matches will be in the June and September matches league Nations. Poland will play in the fourth division of the first division against Belgium, the Netherlands and Wales (the best team will qualify for the final tournament, the weakest will fall to the B division). The World Cup will take place in early November and December.

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About 20,000 kilometers in two weeks – that’s how much he’ll cover Czeslav Michenewicz, visiting Polish representatives before the play-off with Russia. However, travel to this country is disturbing due to the specter of war between Russia and Ukraine and the restrictions imposed by the Coronavirus. With the Poles playing in Russia specific Meet in Turkey and Spain. The staff also monitors the players of the nearest competitor there. You can read more here.

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