Peszko revealed how Lewandowski reacted to his move to Perpetual Football

Swimmer Pisco I Robert Lewandowski They have a lot in common. They both met on the field while playing Lechow Poznan I Polish national team, but privately, they also share a friendship. They often spend their free time with their families and go on vacation or shorter vacations.

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“The stars will come here again, and that’s fine.” Behind the scenes of the permanent Krakow match

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Pisko talks about Lewandowski’s reaction

In an interview with “Fact”, the 36-year-old spoke about the reaction Lewandowski For information about joining the club in the area. I think he was impressed with the momentum with which the club is developing. We have a large group of fans, very good, I played in Ekstraklasa Players, and soon we will play in our new stadium – said Pisco.

The winger also jokingly answered a question if he had consulted with his friend about the possibility of joining the club from Krakow. – I didn’t ask for his permission! Of course we talked with Robert, but after I signed the contract with Perpetual – he added.

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Perpetual Krakow is amazing this season

Currently available at Level 4 leggy Perpetual Krakow He is definitely top of the league table, with 11 points ahead of Djokovice Wiswa. In this year’s competition, she won 14 out of 15 matches. In the Polish Cup, he also performs well, beating, among other things, the first league Brave Głogów.

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The team can be led Francesc Smuda It will make you happy again in the competition Polish Cup. In the 1/16 finals of the games, Wieczysta will play in the city derby with Garbarnia, who appears in the third league. This match will take place on November 2nd.

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