George RR Martin and Neil Gaiman hate it when unauthorized changes occur in adaptations
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October 29, 2022, 11:57

author: Zbigniew Woźnicki

At a recent meeting, George RR Martin and Neil Gaiman commented on the screen adaptation of their work. The authors said when a departure from the original concept is understandable and when it is not.

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Many fans like to see their favorite books or comics on cinema screens. However, the vision of the authors may be less than the expectations of the readers, and even the original concept of the book. During Symphony Space in New York City on October 27, George RR Martin with Neil Gaiman They raised the issue of screen adaptation for their work (Across diverse).

author games of thrones he said that Honest reproduction of source material is a controversial topic in Hollywood And some directors and directors do not feel this obligation:

GR: How loyal should you be? Some people think they don’t have to at all. There’s a phrase in Hollywood, “I’ll do it as mine.” I hate this. I don’t think Neil likes that statement either.

NG: Yes, I do not. I’ve spent 30 years watching people do Sandman As theirs.” Some of them didn’t even read the comic book to be able to make it “their own.” They just smashed a couple of comics or something.

Neil Gaiman added that he felt happy to be able to create an adaptation Sandman Together with Netfliks. Instead, Martin went on to say when the introduction is comprehensible, recalling work on adaptation The last defender of Camelot And contact the original author to make a decision (you had to choose the battle scene or the horses):

There are changes that you need to make or have been called upon to make – these are the ones that work for me. There are also others which I cannot consider as such.

Later he referred to the issue of the Iron Saint Throne. Game of thrones As a necessary change:

Why the Iron Throne of Saints? Game of thrones Doesn’t it look as described in the books? Why wasn’t it 4.5 meters high and made of 10,000 swords? Because the ceiling will not allow us. We were not suitable for her and they did not want to lend us St. Paul and Westminster Abbey to shoot some scenes.

George R.R. Martin and Neil Gaiman are bothered by the show’s makers’ arroganceWithout respect for the source of the material, they want to do everything in their own way. If communication with the author and respect for both parties are maintained, a satisfactory compromise can be achieved for both parties.

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