The government has destroyed state-owned enterprises.  They don’t have the money to raise the minimum wage

On October 11, they will stand for two hours As a warning Post offices all over the country. This decision was taken jointly by seven trade union organizations working in Poczta Polska – has learned.

– Economic situation Polish Post It’s terrible. Without the sale of the post office’s real estate last year, the financial loss last year would have been about PLN 400 million, but the real estate will eventually run out, says Piotr Moniuszko, chairman of the board of directors of the Free Postal Workers Union.

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According to him, the proverbial nail in the company’s coffin will be the sudden increase in the minimum wage next year: from January to a total of PLN 4,242 per month, then in July to a total of PLN 4,300 per month.

Extinguish fire with gasoline?

According to Piotr Moniuszko The company will have to equalize the wages of nearly 40,000 employees up to the new limit And spending approximately 600 million Polish zlotys for this purpose. – These increases for the lowest earners will escalate the wage pressure from the highest earners, so it will probably only end up being PLN 600 million, and where will the money come from for all this if the Board of Directors has not done anything yet to ensure that the company has sufficient revenues ? – asks the trade unionist.

Poczta Polska employees are estimated to be among the worst paid employees in state treasury companies.

However, this does not prevent the company’s Board of Directors from increasing the wages of administrative employees and paying them bonuses and bonuses for implementing tasks and plans at a level of 60%. – notice.

Moniusco informed that the company is trying to put out the fire by suspending new hiring. Postmasters of the country may not undertake any recruitment activities freely.

The company’s board of directors sent them a letter on September 15, stating that due to the company’s financial situation, they could not hire anyone without the approval of Warsaw’s human resources department.

We receive signals from the country that even job applications for the so-called replacement are currently rejected – informs Muniuscu.

At the same time he emphasizes this There is no post office in the country without vacancies. Employees retire, go on maternity and paternity leave, but also terminate their employment contracts. The company’s trading volume is high. Those who stay have to do the work of several people, without any additional pay.

In response to our questions The press office of Poczta Polska denies the suspension of employment and refers to job offerswhich is posted on their website.

The company’s financial position is stableAs evidenced by the fulfillment of all obligations – whether to our couriers or contractors. In a few days, as every year, the “thirteenth salary” will be paid to our employees – as it is written in the advertisement.

The trains will stop. Paralysis in offices?

By decision of the trade unions operating in the West Pomeranian and Masurian provinces Pole area On October 10, all trains will stop in these areas. There will be a strike there.

“Trains en route after 0:01 will be brought to their destination stations,” we read in the announcement of the Union of Railway Drivers’ Unions issued on September 25.

The suspension of train movement comes as a result of the Marshal’s offices not responding to the demands of unionists regarding an increase in wages.

Henrik Grimmel, head of the National Secretariat of Transport Workers of NSZZ “Solidarność”, says in an interview with that wage increases next year could be a big challenge for the entire PKP group.

Respect for unionists almost shows it Every second employee who works there now receives a compensatory minimum wage allowance. However, as our interlocutor emphasizes, the PKK cannot provide jobs or freeze hiring. The Board must meet health and safety standards in relation to employment, as this is about ensuring the safety of passengers.

– On Wednesday we asked the company authorities for information about how many employees will need to increase their wages to the new minimum in 2024 and how much it will cost. We are waiting for answers, says the train driver and trade unionist succinctly. editors also sent questions about this matter to the Board of Directors of PKP Group last Wednesday. We are still waiting for a response.

The president of the National Union of ZUS Employees “Niezależni”, Robert Braniak, also asked the ZUS Board of Directors a similar question about the size of the subsidies.

Our interviewer believes that his employer has Trouble attracting valuable employees to work Because of the very low wages they are offered. – Many ZUS employees are retiring. There is no one to replace them. Low wages and lots of responsibilities mean new hires leave quickly, and there’s high turnover, Branyak says.

Cheaper labor?

President of the Polish Union of Social and Welfare Workers, Pawel Macczynski, who works as a social worker at the Social Welfare Center in Warsaw, also draws attention to the lack of funds to increase the new minimum wages for social workers.

– Many years of wage neglect by state and local governments are to blame This problem affects approximately 70 percent today. Workers in our sector – says our interlocutor. In his opinion, the crisis will worsen, which will lead to another wave of job losses.

Increase the minimum wage for civil servants police Only up to a total amount of PLN 4,242 per month – according to the National Committee of the Police Employees Union – About 120 million Polish zlotys.

According to the head of this union, Joanna Steck Trzebel, as of September 1, there was 800 vacant jobs in the civil service and 650 among the jobs not covered by the double wage system. – In September alone, 400 employees were laid off and only 250 were hired – informed the President.

According to our interlocutor, the appointment of new people has been delayed. Of the 800 vacancies in the entire civil service, only 59 were advertised. The effect of these activities is that employees undertake additional tasks without additional pay.

According to the president of the union About 24.4 lakh civilian police employees are currently working for the national minimum wage, doing the work of two people. – We are the cheapest labor force in the Polish state – says Stek Trzpil.

According to our interlocutors, the government, by rapidly increasing the minimum wage, hit not only the private sector, but also state institutions and companies, plunging them into crisis and chaos.

– In the vast majority of public sector units, the amount of proposed increases is specific Extinguishing the fire is a failed attempt to save the employment crisis And the Polish state is shrinking as a major strategic operator of public services – says Grzegorz Sikora, Communications Director of the Trade Union Forum.

It could be worse, he adds, because it is not certain that the inflation rate will follow elections You won’t accelerate again.

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