The FIFA series is changing its name.  EA Sports has already joined FIFA Sport

FIFAOne of the most popular sports chains, is about to undergo some changes. Responsible for the studio title electronic arts It intends to introduce a product with a brand new name to football fans. The developer has been thinking about rebranding for a long time, and now there is information confirming that the era began in 1994 with the approach of the first game.

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The end of FIFA matches? The developer is working on a new name for the popular football simulator

More information about the decision EA I mentioned in his podcast “GrubbSnax”, known in the whistleblower community Jeff Grubb. He claims that the main argument for ending cooperation so far is financial issues. EA will not agree to pay huge license fees FIFA.

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The studio is already licensing the image playersOr costumes directly from the teams in the game. So the developers are sure that their product will not suffer in popularity even if it has already changed its name.

What is the new name? FIFA? EA Sports Football Club is the title of the game due to be released this fall. A few months ago, Electronic Arts registered the trademark “EA Sports FC”. Everything indicates that this will be the name of the famous emulator from the next version the picnic.

“I saw the trademarks, and I thought it might just be a feature like online mode. But I asked in the community that is, that’s the name,” convinces Grubb, whose words are quoted by portal The guide will also add that the first official announcements will appear soon, as well as a trailer games under a new name.

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