Wasn't Cyberpunk's failed start the developers' fault?  The blame was on the math testers

Years of expectations and astounding blunders are at their peak. This is how you can describe the creation process of Cyberpunk 2077 from a player’s perspective. The workers were blamed immediately CD Projekt RED, the company responsible for creating the game. As it turns out, the truth may be a little different.

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Disappointing first show

The gaming community first heard about Cyberpunk in 2012, when the first ad came out. Production started after four years, and we had to wait for the premiere until December 10, 2020. The title sounded great. Regular demonstrations have raised the stakes in expectations, and leaks have given hope that the final product will not disappoint.

However, the hopes turned out to be irrelevant, because the game, which found its way to stock up on shelves, was far from fulfilling the promises made. Players complained about a huge amount of errors, which often affected the integrity of the game. The price of one share from the peak of PLN 443 quickly rose to the bottom. Currently its price is less than a hundred zlotys.

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CD Projekt not necessarily guilty?

The creators were immediately blamed for providing a poor quality product. Taking words of criticism, they promised to quickly fix their game. Currently, Cyberpunk 2077 is fully operational, and the scandal is slowly fading away. As it turns out, someone else may be responsible for the product’s appearance on the day of the premiere.

As revealed by YouTuber Upper Echelon Games, which was supposed to get a large-scale report, the Polish company was being duped by Romania’s Quantic Lab. This person was in charge of testing Cyberpunk 2077 and was supposed to lie to CD Projekt about key issues, such as the number of staff testing the game or staff training and experience.

If the news turns out to be true, CD Projekt may have already fallen victim to Quantic Lab’s unreliable handling of the case. Company representatives have not commented on the rumors yet. However, it should be noted that the manufacturer should be aware of the quality of his product at the time of the first presentation.

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