PlayStation VR2 at the Unreal Engine 5 presentation. Companies involved in developing VR

Successive publishers and developers have announced their support for games created for PlayStation VR2. Epic Games has joined this group.

Epic Games is investing heavily not only in the PC market, but also in consoles (soon to come on the market for PS4 / PS5 and XOne / XSX Star Trek: The Reappearance from this publisher). Virtual reality is one of the areas of activity of Epic Games.

During this week’s State of Unreal presentation, the topic of creating new games in the Unreal Engine 5 environment was raised. At the 26th minute of the event A panel displays showing studios financially supported by Epic Games or using Unreal Engine 5. There was also the PlayStation VR 2 logo (In the upper right corner).

The board includes the names of many companies that have previously implemented virtual reality projects. They are basically the authors of Fracked and Phantom, i.e. the band n dreams. We found out last week that this studio has received a huge injection of money just to create projects for PS VR2. The picture was there too devolver digital, VR game publishers such as Gorn, Tentacular and Polish team blooper, who previously transferred, among others, layers of fear in a virtual reality environment.

Check out the interesting presentation on adapting the Unity Engine to the requirements of PlayStation VR 2.

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