The fan outdid Nintendo and created the more efficient Switch 2
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25 September 2023, at 15:12

author: Christian “TheKirro” Lukasik

The TVii Switch Re-Shell Mod project, led by modder Set, demonstrates how an OLED Nintendo Switch can be transformed into a more efficient desktop entertainment center with an improved cooling system.

Image source: Philip Mertorp | Unsplash


One enthusiast, known as Set, has decided to take matters into his own hands by gifting his own Nintendo Switch OLED console to the series Modifications. He has transformed this console into a powerful and stable entertainment center equipped with an advanced cooling system. The goal of this project was not only to improve the performance of the mobile device, but also to reduce the operating temperature.

The solution to high temperature

Known under the working title TVii Switch Re-Shell Mod, this project is an ambitious endeavor that aims to turn the Nintendo Switch OLED handheld console into a dedicated desktop console. As part of this project, Set suggests placing the console’s motherboard in a new, specially designed housingWhich includes a larger 80 mm fan to significantly improve cooling. In addition, the new chassis is equipped with a number of ports and connectors, allowing you to connect the console directly to the TV and other peripherals, such as consoles or external drives.

The fan outdid Nintendo and created the more efficient Switch 2 - Illustration #1

Source: Set Engineering | Etsy

The SET initiative was born from the desire to solve a problem well known to every mobile user – overheating. Tests conducted by Tito from a YouTube channel called Macho Nacho Productions showed this The new housing is able to reduce the temperature of the overclocked console by up to 8 degrees Celsius. In the video, Tito also provides a guide on how to install the console in such a housing. You can see this article below:

The Set project was also created to take advantage of damaged controllers that can no longer be used in the mod portable, Due to, for example, a damaged screen. Moreover, the author of the mod is already working on a housing version for the standard Switch model, but it is still in the testing phase. Until then, you can purchase the case for the OLED version on below this link.

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