The entire section of S10 Szczecin – Piła already has contractors.  When will cars enter it?

The most advantageous offer for the construction of the S10 Recz – Cybowo section was made by the consortium of Kobylarnia and Mirbud. The cost of designing and building a 15.2 km long highway is PLN 647 million. When choosing, the main factors taken into consideration were price, but also warranty extension for the acoustic screens (20%) and bridges (20%). The price was 55 percent. weight, and 5 percent is the management of reclaimed asphalt obtained at the construction site.

After selecting the most advantageous offer, the remaining tender participants have 10 days to appeal to the National Appeals Chamber.

The investment, included in the government program for national road construction until 2030, will be implemented in a design-build format. The contractor will have 10 months from signing the contract to develop the construction design and submit an application for a ZRID decision. We assume that the procedure will take 7 months, and the field work will take another 22 months. – Winter periods from December 16 to March 15 will be excluded from the time for carrying out the works.

According to the above dates, construction on the field should start in 2025. If the entire administrative and construction process goes smoothly, drivers will use the new track in 2028.

The route will start behind the Recz Road intersection, which will be built on the adjacent section and will initially run north of the existing DK10. East of Słutów, the S10 will operate alongside the existing DK10. A road intersection will be created when connecting with the district road in the Żółwin district. The track will then extend south of the railway line, crossing its northern side in the Prostenia area. The construction section will end about 1 km behind the bridge on the Drawa River before the Saibuo Road intersection.

The investment includes the construction of 14 bridges – six bridges, one viaduct, three large animal underpasses and four large animal overpasses. There will also be 47 channels for amphibians and small animals.

The S10 route, about 410 km long, will connect Szczecin via Bila, Bydgoszcz and Toruń with the Warsaw cluster. The implementation of all missing sections is included in the state program for national road construction until 2030. It will serve as a direct connection to the regions of Western Pomerania, Northern Greater Poland, Kujavian-Pomerania and Mazovia Voivodeship. Thanks to this road, an alternative transportation route will be created north of the A2 highway.

Currently, drivers, with the exception of the previously mentioned section, from Zdunów (Szczecin city limits) to Stargard and the Wałcz bypass in the county. The Western Pomeranian Prefecture also uses three other sections of the S10. This is the Wyrzysk bypass road (partly one way) in the county. Greater Poland, Bydgoszcz Zachód – Bydgoszcz Południe and Toruń Zachód – Toruń Południe (one way) in the province. Kujavian-Pomerania District. Its total length is about 60 km.

Four sections are under construction from Bydgoszcz Południe intersection to Toruń Południe intersection. The first application for ZRID was submitted in July, the second in August, and the third in December last year. For the fourth section, the second line of the Torun Southern Bypass, the materials needed for the ZRID application are still under development.

Sections Wyrzysk – Bydgoszcz (40 km) and A1 – Warsaw Agglomeration Bypass are in preparation. The first of them obtained a decision on environmental conditions in November 2022, and in February of this year. We signed a contract to reconnaissance and examination of the subsoil with elements of the program concept. In the second case, designers work on technical, economic and environmental study (STEŚ). Preparatory works are also underway to widen approximately 35 km of the A1 motorway on the Toruń – Włocławek section, which will share a common carriageway with the S10, with an additional lane.

In the Greater Poland Voivodeship, applications have been submitted for a DŚU for the Piła – Wyrzysk section (about 28 km long) and for the construction of a second road for the Wyrzysk bypass (5 km section).

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