Eutelsat in his entry compares the transition from standard definition to high definition, which took place several years ago. Although SDTV was once a primary home entertainment, that quickly changed when HDTV came to market. By 2016, only 37 percent of US households were still watching SD channels, prompting advertisers to change the way they choose the media where they place their sites, the operator wrote.

Half of all TVs in Europe are 4K ready

According to the company, we have been dealing with a similar trend for several years now. Fewer and fewer HDTVs are being sold all over the world. Recently, the GfK Institute published a study that showed that up to 75 percent. The TVs recently purchased in Germany are 4K devices. The satellite operator also cited IABM analyst estimates, which show 50 percent. Televisions in the US and Europe are compatible with UHD (Ultra-Definition Definition), and most TV stations only broadcast in HD or SD quality.

There is a clear reluctance from most broadcasters who find investing in 4K too expensive. However, this is sure to change – as more TVs appear, consumer demand for quality increases. Eutelsat writes that as we have seen with HD publishing, viewers are naturally inclined towards better quality and quickly shy away from other channels that cannot live up to their standards.

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Advertisers will force investments?

A satellite operator that earns, among other things, over the rental of satellite space for TV channels, claims that changes in the market may force advertisers. As early as 2012, advertisers began a mass exodus of low-quality streaming sites. North American advertisers are more likely to advertise on HD channels than on SD only. The same is expected to happen with UHD. Eutelsat’s research shows that early adoption of HD technology in emerging markets has directly increased returns for broadcasters who invest in it. An early move to emerging HD markets has boosted viewership, making broadcasters investing in HD more attractive to advertisers, Eutelsat says.

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It’s no secret that quality attracts viewers and advertisers. In fact, better quality correlates with 18 percent. stain efficacy. This likely means that advertisers will eventually switch to UHD to get more profit than staying on HD channels. Like advertisers, they have abandoned SD in favor of HD. UHD is an opportunity for broadcasters to stay ahead of trends and make faster gains, Eutelsat suggests. If more broadcasters decide to launch 4K channels, companies like Eutelsat will benefit. A satellite transceiver can have a much smaller number of channels if there are 4K broadcasting stations. So broadcasters need to borrow additional satellite bandwidth. Recently, TVN Group Discovery did just that.

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