Additional funds for the widow - two pensions.  Changes in spouse benefits are planned [12.09.2022]

A widow currently receives one benefit: her deceased husband or wife. Perhaps this will soon change and widows will get two benefits.

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– For more than 20 years I have been receiving a pension from my husband, who had a disability due to the war. I’ve worked by myself for 40 years. When I was retiring, I was advised at ZUS to take my husband’s interest as it would be higher. I get 70 percent of his pension. Now I read in the newspaper that the rules should be changed and widows should get more. Will ZUS check for me if my pension is not higher? – He asks the woman from Bydgoszcz.

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Kristina Michak, regional spokesperson for the Social Insurance Corporation in the province of Cuyavia Pomeranian, answers that according to the current regulations, the reader is entitled to one advantage: either an old-age pension or a survivor’s pension from her husband. There is a chance that the regulations will change soon and the widows will win. [b]In May this year. The left submitted a bill to the House of Representatives, providing for the collection of dues from two widows: their pension and the pension of the deceased spouse. Details of the current rules and the new project are shown in the gallery below.

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