February 4, 2023


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Nie żyje profesor z Uniwersytetu w Białymstoku

The death of a professor from the University of Bialystok, News of Bialystok Online City Portal Bialystok (Bialystok), page 1

Monday (April 18) Prof. Doctor Hub. Anatol Odzijewicz – former Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, and later also the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at Białystok University.

picture: UwB

Professor Anatole Odzijewicz

Professor Anatole Odzievich – the former Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, and later also the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, has been associated with Podlasie University since 1979. For years, he has made a great contribution to the University.

The professor was born in October 1947. “He was an outstanding representative of the school of mathematical physics derived from Professor Krzysztof Morin, founder of the Białystok branch. The main areas of his research were the theory of algebraic groups and Panak algebra related to the structure of W* – algebra, quantization of physical systems by the method of mapping Coherent states, as well as quantum and classical integration systems ”- informs Białystok University. For many years he headed the Department of Mathematical Physics, as well as the Department of Engineering Methods in Physics. Over the years of work, he has taught many physicists and mathematicians. For 40 years, he has also organized the annual international conference “Wokrshop on Geometric Metgods in Physics”, which was attended by eminent scientists from all over the world. This event is currently considered one of the most famous and well-known meetings of physicists and mathematicians.

In the years 1997-2005, Professor Anatole Odzievich was Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, and from 2008 to 2016 – Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, Białystok University. In addition, he was the Director of the Institute of Mathematics (2005-2008 and 2016-2019). It is worth noting that he also became famous in our city as a social worker. He founded a branch of the Society for the Preservation of Antiquities in Białystok, which he headed for many years. He was also the originator of the creation of the Open Air Museum in Białowiea. In recognition of his many merits and activities, he received many awards and honors including the Golden Medal of the Minister of Culture for saving monuments of wooden architecture.

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The professor’s funeral is scheduled for Wednesday in Orla. Details are available on the website of the Faculty of Mathematics of Białystok University.