This way you will rejuvenate your brain for 6 years.  A revolutionary discovery for scientists

New Research: This gentle exercise can rejuvenate your brain for 6 years (Getty Images)

As science and technology continue to push the boundaries of our health knowledge, traditional practices such as Tai Chi are gaining increasing recognition as effective ways to improve brain health. The latest research shows that practicing Tai Chi can be a beneficial way to rejuvenate.

1. What is Tai Chi and how does it work?

Tai chi A Chinese practice that combines gentle movements, deep breathing and meditation is currently the subject of intense scientific research, particularly due to its beneficial effects on brain health.

Particular attention is drawn to the potential of this practice in preventing and controlling Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia. Recent research published in the Annals of Internal Medicine in November 2023 sheds new light on the importance of tai chi for cognitive well-being, especially in older adults.

2. Badani Oregon Health & Science University

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A research team from Oregon Health & Science University conducted a study on a group of 318 people around the age of 75 who reported memory problems. Study participants, who were assessed using the Montreal Cognitive Assessment, had an average score of 25 out of 30, indicating mild cognitive impairment.

3. Try Tai Chi

The researchers divided the participants into three groups. The first group practiced a traditional form of Tai Chi (Tai Jiquan), the second group participated in more intense Tai Jiquan classes with elements that support cognitive functions, and the third group performed simple stretching exercises. All groups participated in one-hour sessions twice a week for six months.

4. Test results

People who practice the standard form of Tai Chi improve Performance on cognitive tests An average of 1.5 points, which study co-author Elizabeth Ekstrom said was equivalent to… Gain an additional three years of healthy brain function.

The cognitively enhancing Tai Chi group had more significant results, with an average increase in scores of three points, which equates to six additional years of cognitive health.

5. Tai Chi as a way to improve brain health

Dr. Ekstrom points out that the key to improving and expanding brain health is to combine physical movement with the mental challenge of remembering and performing sequences of movements, similar to learning a new dance routine.

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