January 27, 2023


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Netflix introduced a new feature.  "This is what we want to invest in."

Netflix introduced a new feature. “This is what we want to invest in.”

Netflix introduced a new rating feature. Next to the thumbs up and down there is a new button – Excellent doubleIt is to inform the platform of what a particular subscriber values ​​the most. The job is now available in Poland, both in TV apps and in the browser version as well as on mobile devices running Android and iOS.

The streaming platform systematically introduces new functions aimed, firstly, to keep the viewer on the website longer, and secondly, to better customize the account for individual customers.

The option to rate Viewed Products exists from the start and was originally designed as a five-star rating scale. In 2017, the system was simplified and production was evaluated with two thumbs – up and down. The new feature, i.e. double likes, will allow you to highlight the movies and series that viewers rank with the highest.

This is important because, based on the content viewed and rated positively (or negatively), the platform suggests movies and series with the best Suits the user’s tastes.

Another recent innovation introduced by Netlix for the convenience of viewers is also the ability to remove products from the “See More” queue, which also aims to improve the quality of content matching. Viewers often choose not to continue watching movies or series they don’t like, but so far Netflix has kept it in the sequel bar, which doesn’t always make sense and often “confuses” this section for users.

“We hope that with the new features we’ve added this year, we can overcome people’s fatigue with a constant need to choose. And that’s what we want to invest big in: giving the user tools and more control, and helping them customize the experience to suit their personal preferences.” – she said Kristen Doig CardetDirector of Innovation and Personalization for Netflix Products.

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The existing ‘Like Up’ and ‘Dislike’ buttons are a good way to tell us what you think of a show or movie, so you get content suggestions more appropriate to your taste. However, over time, we’ve come to realize that the excitement of watching could have gone beyond a particular title just ‘Like’ or “Dislike.” The platform representative added that providing an additional way to let us know when you like something means creating profiles with recommendations that better reflect your preferences.