Do you have a difficult personality?  Find out - answer the questions

What does the phrase “difficult person” mean? While this is subjective, there are some personality traits that most people find annoying – including being quick to anger, argumentative, and self-absorbed.

A tough character doesn’t always mean a bad thing!

Sometimes someone describes you as such because your positive qualities make it difficult for them to achieve their goals – for example, when you are a very assertive and assertive person, it is easier for you to get what you want.

A test to reveal your difficult personality

We have compiled a short one for you a testanswer the question And see if the You have a tough personality.

1. Your business team needs to prepare a presentation for clients. What are you doing?

  1. I became a leader – thanks to a smile I can easily convince people of my ideas.
  2. Waiting for someone else to take care of him. As a last resort, I will do the project myself.
  3. Allow someone to take charge and perform only the tasks assigned to me.
  4. I persuade others for a long time until they agree with all my ideas.

2. While out with friends, one of your friends has trouble getting into the club – the staff says he is dressed inappropriately. What are you doing?

  1. I smile to the staff and ask you to kindly close your eyes to the inappropriate attire.
  2. I ignored this fact and entered the club – it’s not my problem.
  3. I wait patiently for the others to finish arguing.
  4. I try to impress the employee, but I get nervous very quickly and normal conversation turns into a verbal fight.

3. While working, you caught one of your friends breaking the rules. Two days ago, I caught you doing the same and notified your supervisor. What are you doing?

  1. I smile and get her attention. I say I won’t report it anywhere, but I ask her to understand my minor shortcomings as well.
  2. I don’t report this to management, but let them know that I noticed it and that I can report it if I want.
  3. I’m not doing anything.
  4. Catch her attention out loud – I comment on her behavior so that a good portion of the department hears about her misconduct.

4. You encounter problems when trying to return expensive shoes – you do not have a receipt, but you were notified upon purchase that all purchase data is saved in the membership card. How do you act?

  1. I’m politely arguing with the saleswoman. If there is no result, please talk to the shop owner.
  2. I do not enter into an argument, but I frankly show my dissatisfaction.
  3. I never return unsuccessful purchases.
  4. Unfortunately, I get stressed out pretty quickly. Problem solved, but I’m giving up my membership card anyway and won’t make any further purchases in this store.

Test results

Most answers 1:

You are a firm and assertive person, plus you will never forget your smile and sweet tone of voice. People love you and they definitely don’t think so You have a tough personality!

Most of the two answers:

You are resolute and decisive, but people may find that You have a tough personalityBecause you tend to be rude and don’t talk openly about your thoughts and emotions.

More than 3 answers:

You’re certainly not a difficult character – but in this case it’s not a very positive expression. You need to be more persistent, take action and take initiative more often, and express your own ideas.

Most of the four answers:

People definitely think so You have a tough personality! It doesn’t change the fact that you have so many positive qualities – no one struggles for themselves as much as you do. However, remember not to let negative and nervous feelings control yourself.

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