Huawei Watch 3 GT Pro Sport for sale with AMOLED, NFC and GPS

High quality smart watch for sale! The Huawei Watch 3 GT Pro with an AMOLED display, GPS, and up to 14 days of battery life is a strong candidate. Here are the new specifications and price of the model with sapphire glass and titanium case.

The Polish branch of the Amazon online store and decided to prepare a great promotion. It's about the smart watch Huawei Watch 3 GT Pro In release sports. The current cost of this device is PLN 1,020 Both in one And so is the second seller.

Compared to offers from Poland, you can save a lot. Senio points Approximately 200 Polish zlotys. I think this is a strong argument to buy.

Huawei Watch 3 GT Pro in the sports version of Ceneo

Huawei Watch 3 GT Pro Sport specifications

Covered Huawei Watch 3 GT Made of titanium. It in turn protects the screen Sapphire glass. The dimensions of the device are as follows: 46.6 mm s 46.6 mm s 10.9 mm. The weight without the belt is 54 grams. The demand for ManiaCys is sure to please NFC module (Contactless payment options are limited).

The front of the model is equipped with Waleed's mother. The panel displays the resolution 466 x 466 pixelsand its diameter 1,43″. It is used to control Rotating crownWhich makes it easier for you to control your smart watch.

Huawei Watch 3 GT Pro / photo. Produces

Long-lasting battery ensures working time Up to 14 days of work. One of the service Five GPS systems (including GPS) or Make Bluetooth calls Significantly shortens the duration of use.

supplied There was no shortage of suitable sensors. They also contribute to battery drainage. The configuration allows you to monitor your health and pressure, count calories burned and steps, and control your workouts. Moreover, he appeared ECG sensor!

OTO test of Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro.

TEST | Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro to być może najlepszy smartwatch, choć nie całkiem bez wad

However, attendance is important Over 100 game modes. The resistance standard allows diving up to 30 meters (5 ATM). Therefore, the smartwatch is also great for swimming. The device charges wirelessly and the appropriate charger is included in the kit.

By the way, watch the premiere of the new Xiaomi Redmi A3.

Premiera najtańszego Xiaomi! Szklany Redmi A3 za grosze da się polubić dzięki nowościom

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