American journalist sharply about Merkel and Schroeder.  “One of the greatest strategic mistakes in modern European history”

In the pages of Bild, New York Times columnist Brett Stevens weighs the effects of the longstanding relationship between Russian President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellors Gerhard Schroeder and Angela Merkel. “Germany has become a servant of the Russian system,” Stephens says. Germany’s energy dependence on Russia is considered “one of the biggest strategic mistakes in modern European history”. As he remembers, before Merkel, Gerhard Schroeder held the position of chancellor – “a paid puppet of the Putin regime.”

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In the United States, Germany is often criticized for its dependence on oil and gas imports from Russia, also during the invasion of Ukraine, Bild writes. Brett Stevens, Pulitzer Prize winner and one of the New York Times’ most famous columnists Berlin is a “serious diplomatic obstacle to implementing tougher sanctions against Russia.”

“Over the past decade, Berlin has ignored the advice of its neighbors and the United States and has become almost completely dependent on Russian supplies,” Stevens says, adding that “were it not for the outbreak of war and massive pressure from the Biden government, he would have been on the verge of launching Nord Stream 2.”

Germany does not want to end the import of Russian energy

Germany still does not want to follow the example of other countries and give up energy imports from Russia. Of course, you have to pay an economical price, the full amount of which is not yet known. But it is worth noting that it was Germany that demanded huge sacrifices from Greece during the debt crisis. “Berlin has great commitments when it comes to the security of Europe. (…) What is happening in Ukraine now will determine the security structures in Europe for the coming decades, ”emphasizes.

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After a failed policy at the beginning of the war, when it was believed that Ukraine would quickly collapse and that it would be possible to live with it, Chancellor Schulz made a complete change of course: the weak German army would receive additional money, and many sanctions were supported. But not all of them! Stephens adds that Germany opposed the separation of Sberbank, Russia’s largest bank, from the Swift payment system.

He admits that Berlin took steps that would have been unimaginable only six months ago.

But the fact is that the fleet moves at the speed of the slowest ship. Germany has always been the slowest warship. It is the most important country in Europe: its politics is very influential. ”

Germany is a servant of the Russian fascist regime

The “Merkel era” is increasingly viewed with increasing criticism. Historians will have to reassess Angela Merkel’s 16-year leadership. Especially at the end, doubts grew about the alien’s willingness to get into the hands of Russia. It was not only about energy, but also, among other things, to impede Ukraine’s candidacy for NATO membership.— Stephens comments.


As he remembers, before Merkel, Gerhard Schroeder held the position of chancellor – “a paid puppet of the Putin regime.”

Supplying arms to Ukraine is a salvation not only for Ukrainians, but for all of Europe.

Providing our country with the necessary weapons now, when you need them, is a salvation not only for the Ukrainians, but for the whole of Europe – he said …

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“I am amazed that this issue has been underestimated for so long and so persistently. In addition, many politicians, from the SPD and the EU, cite Putin’s arguments. The price of all this is a strategic defeat that now requires painful decisions. It is also morally reprehensible to say that Germany has become a servant of the Russian fascist regime. Stephens says.

Former US President Donald Trump has repeatedly called on Germany not to increase its energy dependence on Russia. “Yes, it is often cruel I criticized Trump, but he was right on this point. In Germany, everything must be done to conduct a thorough investigation of how this energy addiction arose: from 35 per cent. In 2015 to 55 per cent. In February of this year,” Stephens confirms.

It is reported that Berlin warned against this dependence on Russia not only by the United States but by European countries as well. “Who made certain decisions, when and why? After all, it was one of the biggest strategic mistakes in the modern history of Europe,” concludes Stephens.

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