The contestants want to continue reality TV with the “Squid Game”.

Participants in the reality show inspired by the hit series “Squid Game” want to sue the producers of the Netflix show, claiming they suffered hypothermia during filming.

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The managing director of British law firm Express Solicitors explained on Friday that it had sent letters of claim seeking compensation on behalf of participants injured during filming last January.

“Depending on what [les participants] told us, [les producteurs] They have pushed the limits of security in the name of entertainment. Production companies must ensure that health and safety protocols in their broadcasts do not put anyone at risk,” said Daniel Slade.

According to British media, the claims are linked to the filming of the first game of the reality show, which was inspired by the first deadly game people face in the South Korean series.

During filming in the United Kingdom, participants had to play the game “One, Two, Three, Sun” (“Red Light, Green Light” in English), in which participants had to cross a field. The game master returns.

However, the shooting took place during winter.

Mr. Slade told The Guardian newspaper that one of his clients “saw a person passed out and then people called the nurses”. Another person’s hand was said to be very cold purple.

The allegations were denied by the producers, but Netflix has already admitted that three participants needed medical attention, the specialized media “Deadline” pointed out.

The reality show “The Squid Game: The Challenge” debuted on Netflix this week. The series follows the journey of 456 participants as they complete various challenges inspired by the series in hopes of winning a prize pool of US$4.56 million (approximately CAN$6.2 million).

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