About Gemini |  Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge will explain himself in the Stéphan Bureau project

Comedian Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge will explain his unwanted comments on the show’s Gemini evening. The world is upside downon TVA, Friday evening.

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John Siak

John Siak

Stephen Biro, host of the new talk show, received the exclusive a week after the comedian came under fire, TVA confirmed.

Last Sunday evening, Guillaume Lemay-Thiverge interrupted host Véronique Cloutier and delivered a rambling three-minute speech about (among other things) the importance of voting. At first we thought he was talking about the provincial council elections, but he was talking about voting for Gemini.

He then spoke about the importance of voting with your heart and “mixed roles”. “You see Louis Morissette screaming because he has children, he has a room, big, and rich, because it’s not a composer’s role! On the other hand, if we look at Guy A. LeBake, he’s kind, respectful, humble. Oh, for example! You Do you see? »

According to our colleague Hugo Dumas, the trip was mainly about Louis Morissette and Guy A. Aimed at settling the score with Lepage. Everyone is talking about it In 2021, speaking time during a specific visit compared to the Medicago vaccine TLMEP.

special guest An upside down world Normand will be Brathwaite, while we can see the show’s other regular collaborators: Yasmin Abdelfatel, Sophie Durocher, Biss and Gregory Charles.

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