Between Physics and the Digital: A New Project for Guy Laliberté Avoid

You are a frog, I am a frog, kiss me “, Guy Lollipop may have sung in the last days. Disguised as a frog, the founder of Cirque du Soleil took center stage On his Instagram accountTime to provoke his new madness.

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“When I sold the Cirque du Soleil, I finally said I wanted to regain direct contact with the public,” Laliberté explained in an email. Newspaper.

In 2015, the entrepreneur sold his business for $ 1.5 billion. In 2020, shortly before the outbreak, Caisse de depot et placement du Québec, then a shareholder in Cirque, paid him US $ 75 million to buy his last stake.

Since then, Lollipop has been brilliant from his Polynesia or his island in Hawaii, but he has reappeared in dazzling video capsules over the past few days. “At the front of the stage, I decided to return to my first love,” admits the main interested party.

Often referred to as the “frog” because of his French-speaking Quebec descent, he chose to play with the symbol.

Guy Lollipop

Photo taken from Instagram, Guylalibertedj

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Frogs, Elvis and Jacuzzi

So we saw in his jacuzzi, at sunset, or at a table, surrounded by stuffed frogs, making noise. Gently love me Elvis Presley or Led Zeppelin.

“These videos allowed me to have fun […] த்தைப்chassiers de Baie-Saint-Paul, ”recalls Laliberte, referring to the beginning of the Cirque du Soleil in the 1980s.

According to him, these capsules were mainly intended to arouse interest in his new project, which was finally released yesterday 22:22:22, Greenwich Mean Time, 02-22-2022, the lucky date and time for arithmetic lovers.

“I always like symbols. I chose the name ‘Circuit to Soil’ because, for me, the sun represents the energy of youth. […] 22-02-22 Encourages me and arithmetic allows you to open a portal at the right time and create an opportunity to tell. [faire du] Storytelling “, The merchant explains.

Guy Lollipop

Photo taken from Instagram, Guylalibertedj

Deep experience

But what about this new crazy? Lollipop has decided to embark on a so-called “digital” physical and digital experience created by Hanoi World that combines its creative activities.

Launched by his company Loon Rouge in 2021, the platform relies heavily on a fast-paced experience on the real and virtual frontier known as mixed reality.

This includes Nike, Walmart, J.P. It is widely used by big companies like Morgan, Disney and Facebook and allows the avatars to connect almost exclusively with customers.

During the epidemics, Guy Lollipop was talked about as he made several trips on his private jet, the Bombardier Global Express. He especially went to Hawaii and Tahiti. Through this project, he says he wants to “pay for the positive despite the darkness caused by the epidemic”.

Three questions for Guy Laliberté

Do you have Quebec artisans in your new project? Will there be links and shows here?

I have always said that creativity is one of Quebec’s greatest assets, and I believe in it even more deeply.

So yes, the creativity behind Hanoi World – and behind all my projects – is in Quebec, which does not prevent me from collaborating with some international artists like Cirque.

Are you currently in Hawaii, missing out on Quebec?

I will not miss the freezing rain anyway. Seriously, I do not miss Quebec because I often collaborate daily with my existing group.

You are no longer affiliated with Cirque du Soleil, but are you still thinking about the company you founded? Do you think it will be the same creativity as before?

I’m so busy I can not miss the circus. I have a good relationship with Daniel [Lamarre] As well as with the current leaders, I follow with great interest the rebirth of the circuit.

I’m not here to express my opinion, but I hope the next few years will provide more space for young creators who can create shows that will allow audiences around the world to experience the best emotions!

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