The Apple iPhone 14 was larger.  Super price in Poland

Our world is turning upside down. Apple smartphones, also in Poland, are starting to become cheaper, perhaps for the first time in history. For example, Komputronik has launched a promotion for the Apple iPhone 14. It is available at a price up to PLN 2,300 cheaper than on the day of the premiere. I don't remember the iPhone price dropping so much before.

One of the main arguments for Apple fans to buy iPhones is that they become cheaper much more slowly than Android models.

It was like this, promotions on iSprzęty were like a holiday, and when you sold a used product, you had the bulk of the price of a new model.

A lot has changed recently, and iPhone in Poland has become cheaper. On one of the famous promotional sites Deals on Apple smartphones are multiplying like mushrooms after rain. Many users ask: What's going on?

Komputronik promo for Apple iPhone 14

Computronic upgrade Apple iPhone 14 Available in Promotional price PLN 2899. The offer is valid only on March 9 while stocks last.

You will not be able to buy this model so cheaply in any other Polish store.

Within a year and a half, the iPhone 14 has become cheaper in official Polish distribution by PLN 2,300. Android devices are definitely getting cheaper or more expensive. What's worse is that the price of the iPhone is cheaper than ever.

This is what you should know about the iPhoner 14 before purchasing

There's one specific extra feature of the Apple iPhone 14 that's worth saving Great update support, which does not fall as much as its price. This model should receive at least 5 additional iOS releases in total.

Apple iPhone 14/ft. production

It's worth noting that as well The iPhone 14 is one of the smallest smartphones available on the marketEspecially in its price category. Its dimensions are 146.7 x 71.5 x 7.8 mm, with a weight of 172 grams. Few flagships have similar dimensions.

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