“Sometimes people hear different sounds.”  PZPN mocked Mateusz Boric

Mateusz Burek admitted on Sportowy that in his opinion, Publicon, PZPN's partner, will produce the signal for next season's Polish Cup matches. This was quickly met with a response from the union.

From next season, TVP will have the rights to display the Polish Cup. This is a change because until now these things have been in the hands of Polsat Sport.

However, the public television exposure turned out to be better, which is why this station will take over the broadcast in a few months.

Mateusz Borek shared interesting information on the Sportowy channel. The journalist admitted that despite the sale, he is still a partner of the Polish Football Association, and Publicon will produce the signal for some matches.

– The First League and Polish Cup will be presented in this new version by Telewizja Polska, which took over the rights from Polsat. This is interesting, because I heard that some matches will be broadcast but will remain online.

– It turns out that Publicon is responsible for producing some of the interviews. So you sold the rights and at the same time assured yourself in the contract that you would be the producer of the signal. They will hire a company and possibly outsource to someone else.

This was met with a quick reaction from the Polish Football Association.

“Sometimes people hear different sounds. This can be a worrying sign. You should always check carefully what they suggest.

During the program, there was a far-reaching hint that had nothing to do with reality. We attach a document confirming the launch of the official request for the proposal procedure for the production and delivery of signals to TVP for the league matches specified in the document.


Mateusz Boric, we're glad you like the shirt. “It's always nice to see you in red and white.”

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