By buying This War of Mine, you are supporting Ukraine and you can see the real side of the war
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February 27, 2022, 2:45 pm

Polish developers from 11-bit studios decided to make a worthy gesture – in the next few days, the money earned from their game This War of Mine will be donated to the Ukrainian Red Cross. So each of us can contribute a brick.

What is happening outside – everyone sees us and hears us well thanks to the various media. No one ever let that idea in their heads, and eventually we all woke up in a world where war has broken out again. So far it is the largest in Europe since 1945. It is difficult to move over the past dozens of hours to the agenda, one hundred percent focus on your duties – our editorial office also looks with concern at the actions of the Russians and with sympathy for the Ukrainians under attack.

The list of games from which profit comes to support Ukraine is growing – you will find it here.

But you still have to live, and if you don’t want to be idle, there are some things you can do on your end. There are already a lot of money groups on the web, and your Ukrainian friends will certainly accept any kind word or gesture of help, and responsible behavior in the network and social space can reduce any symptoms of panic and chaos. Our domestic game industry has exited from Very useful initiative – It’s about the 11-bit studios campaign, the creators of a very important anti-war work, This war of mines.

The issue revolves around this particular game. Until March 3rd, you can buy it for a good cause. All proceeds obtained during the event will be donated to the Ukrainian Red Cross, that is, in short – it will help the war victims of our eastern neighbors. The initiative is also accompanied by the hashtag #fuckthewar, which we all unanimously salute.

  1. You can read more about the video game industry’s reaction to the invasion of Ukraine here

This war of mines (including DLC) You can buy on any platform you want and you can be sure that your cash contribution is properly allocated. It is no less important than any other donation in this matter, but in this case there is one more important advantage of this form of support – you will be able to see what the game is being played with, or rather a unique pacifist treatise showing the hardships and sufferings experienced during the modern siege of the city.

Because in this case we are not talking about a video game that provides dry entertainment and an escape from reality. No, this is a really painful and real picture of war as seen through the eyes of an ordinary gray man trying to survive. This does not affect the outcome of the battle, but only hides in the houses, occasionally leaving them to find food and other supplies needed to function normally. This is not a terrible survival school with the participation of Bear Grylls, but tragic human stories that we can witness today not only in the game, but also in social media or television thanks to all the recordings from the horrific Ukraine.

If someone does not need This war of minesIn order to comprehend the inferno of war experienced by ordinary people at the expense of power-hungry elites, it would at least financially support the needy. While For all those who find it difficult to understand the significance of the events that are happening now or who are trying to accommodate them in some way – this game may help in some way or clarify some things, allowing room for broader thinking. In the meantime, let’s be conscious of the Ukrainians and try to remain strong. Because we are united, we are able to come out of it all stronger.

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