yesterday.  amazing.  The creators close the studio 4 days after the premiere.  A huge failure of the game

It didn’t take long – Representatives of the Fntastic studio responsible for creating the game yesterday They announced their bankruptcy on their official Twitter/X account. Those interested can find the announcement below, as well as all the most important (and not necessarily fun) details about this strange case.

The day before – the creators announced the closure of the studio

As we previously reported to you, just before the game was released, the developers published a private message referring to the scandals and controversy that have been going on for years, in which they apologize for “Not the best marketing and trailers“He asked not to describe the game as ordinary.”scamHowever, this did not help, because the production received a lot of negative reviews on the Steam platform.

In the end it became clear yesterday It turned out to be a financial failure – the developers publicly admitted that they simply no longer had the funds to continue working on their game, including until the update was released:

Today we are announcing the closure of Fntastic Studio. Unfortunately, the previous day failed financially and we lack the funds to continue. All income received is used to pay off debts to our partners. We invested all our efforts, resources and man-hours into developing The Day Before, which was our first major game. We really wanted to release new patches to reveal the full potential of the game, but unfortunately we don’t have the funds to continue working.

(…) Now, the future of ‘the day before’ and ‘tonight’. [poprzedniej odsłony Fntastic] Unknown, but the servers will still be up and running. We apologize if we did not meet your expectations. We did everything we could, but unfortunately we misjudged our capabilities. Creating games is a very difficult task.

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