Where to watch “Poor Creatures”?  The Oscar-winning production is already on VOD in Poland

The Oscars were handed out a few days ago. Haven't had a chance to catch up, and are you interested in Poor Creatures? I have good news because it has just joined the lineup of award-winning productions that can now be watched in Poland via VOD.

“Poor Creature” won 4 awards at this year's Academy Awards, including Best Actress in a Leading Role. Emma Stona, who plays Bella Baxter in the film, has captured the hearts of viewers from all over the world. She also found appreciation among critics and received several awards for her role. In total, “Poor Things” received 244 nominations and 90 top honors at various award shows. Didn't you have a chance to see this production? Now you have the opportunity to catch up. The film just debuted on Disney+.

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Source: Atsushi Nishijima/press materials

In the director's latest film, known for titles like “The Favourite” and “The Lobster,” we meet Bella Baxter who, as a result of an experiment conducted by a controversial surgeon, is given a completely blank slate on which to write about new and exciting experiences. At first, Bella learns about the world under the eyes of her guardian, Dr. Baxter (Willem Defoe), whom she calls God. However, as time passes, her appetite for life grows and she eventually breaks free from his control. Freed, Bella embarks on a wonderful and colorful journey across all continents, exploring different places, things, people, experiences and emotions.

– We read in the official synopsis of the film directed by Giorgos Lanthimos

Oscars 2024. Where to watch the winning productions?

Meanwhile, it's worth noting where to watch the other Oscar movies that stole the Academy's hearts this year. The most important of them is “Oppenheimer,” who won 7 statues, and is now available for viewing on the platform Sky Showtime – Unfortunately only in HD quality. Want to watch a movie in 4K? You have to decide the option of renting or purchasing the movie on the platforms TVSmart, Rakuten TV, Amazon Prime Video, Channel + Premiere the Camel. Although SkyShowtime promised from the beginning of its presence in Poland that it would soon present films and series of the highest quality, this has not happened yet and there are no indications that the situation will change.

Source: Atsushi Nishijima/press materials

The film adaptation won the Screenplay Award “American fantasy” Available to watch as part of a subscription Amazon Prime Video. “Barbie”, Which only got one Oscar for Best Song to watch HBO Max. You can buy or rent the movie through websites TVSmart, Rakuten TV, Channel + Premiere, Megago, play now, player I Camel. “20 days in Mariupol” – The best document is available for viewing as part of the subscription Channel + Or available for purchase on the website Camel. best short documentary film, “Last workshop”Available on Disney+.

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However, not all Oscar-winning productions can be watched on Polish VOD platforms. For example – on “Anatomy of a Fall” “winter solstice”, “area of ​​interests” You can still go to the movies. Academy Award-winning animated feature film “Boy and Heron” It's also available in select cinemas, but will appear on Netflix later this year. He doesn't know what it is about “Godzilla minus one”. The film won an Academy Award for Best Special Effects, and although it is available in Polish cinemas, there is no VOD release date yet.

A complete summary of the ceremony, in which you will learn about the winning films, actors, directors, etc., can be found in our text for the Oscars 2024 – Winners. They won the prestigious statues this year. Make sure to check it out!

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