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Marcin Dorociński is one of the most famous Polish actors. He appeared in films such as “Kiler -ów 2-óch”, “Pitbull”, “Manhunt” or “Ciemno, almost unspecified”. The list of productions in which he starred includes many famous series such as “Good and Evil” or “Delivery 3”. Dorociński has been honored internationally for his role in “The Queen’s Gambit”.

Marking the end of the Cannes Film Festival, Marcin Dorociński posted a post on social mediaHe showed his support for Polish filmmakers. Today we will find out if the jury will award the film Agnieszka Smoczyńska “Silent Twins”.

Today ends the Cannes Film Festival .. a film festival (and fashion). I keep my fingers crossed in front of the Polish filmmakers and directors fighting for awards on the Cote d’Azur. Let it be a beautiful and emotional evening – wrote Marcin Dorociński.

Marcin Dorociński shirtless on the red carpet

Marcin Dorociński referred to an event that was in a funny way. He decided to show an archive photo of the red carpet. The actor called photography “the best picture of his career.”

She stands on her shirtless on the famous staircase through which the most prominent figures from the world of cinema enter the big party year after year. – Seizing the opportunity, I mention the best photo of my career. Dorociński wrote, I am on the fabled red staircase to be used by today’s greatest movie stars.

Honestly, though, I doubt if they’d have such a bold, bold and modern design as mine since 1997. As the classic movie used to say, “It’s been a great year, and I’ll never forget it.”

Marcin Dorociński wore shorts without a shirt on the red carpet. – As you can see in the attached photo, fashion has always been my forte. Now nothing but waiting for the invitation to the Met Gala – the actor jokes.

What do you think of Marcin Dorociński’s picture? Write in the comments section!

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