February 1, 2023


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The Room: Worst movie ever? Tommy Wiseau continues to surprise

An eccentric director with dyed black hair and an accent that was impossible to recognize, he appeared in Hollywood out of nowhere. In 2003, Tommy Wiseau directed and produced the movie, in which he also played the lead role. for independent production “the room” She had an impressive budget of $6 million. To this day, it is not known where the debutante, unknown to anyone, received such an amount. According to the official version, he got rich by importing leather coats from Korea to the United States. Even the people associated with the film’s production are skeptical. Some crew members suspected the money laundering manager.

Whatever the source of the funds, Tommy Wiseau made his dream come true and despite many adversities, on June 27, 2003 the official premiere took place. The film promoted a billboard erected on Highland Street. The huge poster had a close-up of Wiseau and an erroneous caption that it was “a scene of drama on the level of Tennessee Williams.” The Room is about a love triangle that ends in tragedy. The director wanted the film to be an emotional drama. A bad script, incompetent camera work and rough acting aroused great emotions in the audience, but not of the kind that the director of this film dreamed of.

No one was surprised that “The Room” did not receive an appreciation. Despite the overwhelming reviews for the film, Wiseau achieved what he dreamed of – fame. Wide criticism of his work led to Room being quickly recognized as “the worst film ever made”, and it quickly gained cult film status. Fan clubs of the production have sprung up all over the world, and fans gather in cinemas to watch it together. Along with the film’s popularity, interest around its creator has also grown.

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Tommy Wiseau has been reluctant to talk about his background. He claimed to have lived in France for a while, selling birds. Later moved to New Orleans. Settling in the United States, he adopted a new surname. He was supposed to have been created from a combination of the word “oiseau” (a bird from the French) and the “W” from the beginning of his real name. There have been theories on the web that the director comes from Eastern European countries.

In 2016, a documentary was made “a room full of spoons” About the creator of “The Room”. Wiseau tried to prevent the document from being released at all costs. Eccentric director Richard Harper, Fernando Furrero McGrath, Mark Rasicot and Richard Townes, creators of “Room Full of Spoons,” are suing in court. The official reason for the trial was the accusation that the notaries violated the copyright and privacy of the director of the “room”.

Apparently, one of Wiseau’s motives for such actions was to hide his origin. The creators of “Room Full of Spoons” had access to the information accordingly Wiseau’s real name is Tomasz Wieczorkiewicz and he was born in PoznaƄ. At trial, the court agreed with the authors of the document. He stated that parts of the 2003 film were used lawfully and there was no breach of privacy because “this information is available in public sources, which the defendants obtained from them and confirmed there”. Tommy Wiseau was fined $700,000.

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Unusual scenes of the movie “The Room” were presented by a well-known actor in his film “Disaster Artist”. James Franco. Funnily enough, Franco’s work was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay. The film is based on a memoir written by Wiseau’s friend Greg Sestero, who will also portray Dave, James Franco’s brother.

Without a doubt, people who have seen The Room before will enjoy Disaster Artist. And for others who want to go to the cinema to see Franco’s latest film, I’d suggest making up for Wiseau’s work in advance. That it would make the uncontrollable fits of laughter during The Disaster Artist show more frequent. Third – I’m afraid that without prior preparation, some people just don’t buy Franco’s character Wiseau. As if the creators had her in mind during the end credits, they’re getting close. of scenes from The Room with their counterparts from Disaster Artist. Here again, praise must be given to Franco and his collaborators. In places they even manage to create episodes worse than they originally were.” Interia reviewer, Jakub Izdebski wrote.