Tehran calls on Islamic countries to sever relations with Israel.  “At least for a while”

In a speech at the IRGC’s Air and Space Forces Center, Khamenei claimed that Israel had failed in the Gaza Strip. In his opinion, Israeli forces have “failed so far” in achieving their goal of destroying Hamas “despite the intense bombardment.”

The Iranian leader also said it showed the weakness of “the United States and Western countries” that support Israel, the Times of Israel reported. The newspaper reported that the Iranian authorities had determined this Hamas’ brutal attack on Israel on October 7 He described it as a “success” but denied any involvement in it.

Meanwhile, Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian said on Sunday that Iran-linked organizations are “smartly adjusting pressure” on Israel and its allies. The official media quoted the minister as saying that “resistance groups still possess untapped capabilities to put pressure on Israel.”

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