United States of America.  Jill Biden has tested positive for COVID-19.  President Joe Biden is due to head to the G-20 summit soon

The White House announced that the first lady of the United States, Jill Biden, had tested positive for the Corona virus. This happened a few days before President Joe Biden was scheduled to leave for the G-20 summit in India. And the 80-year-old US president tested negative.

Reuters reports that Joe Biden’s 72-year-old wife, whose symptoms were described as mild, was last diagnosed with Covid-19 in August 2022. The last time the president was confirmed infected was in July 2022.

Elizabeth Alexander, Jill Biden’s chief communications officer, said the first lady “will remain at the Biden home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware” because she has tested positive for the coronavirus. Joe Biden flew there Monday night. “The president has tested negative,” the White House said in a statement late Monday. “He will be taking regular tests and monitoring for symptoms this week.”

Joe Biden and the G20

Joe Biden’s official schedule for this week, which was released shortly after the first lady’s health was announced, calls for him to travel to the Indian capital, Delhi, on Thursday. Biden is scheduled to attend the G20 summit there on Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday, immediately after the summit, he is scheduled to head to Vietnam.

Joe Biden with his wife, Jill The photo is from Sept. 2Bab/Eba/Ting Shen/Bol

COVID-19 in the United States of America

In recent weeks, the United States has witnessed an increase in the number of cases and hospitalizations due to the Corona virus. According to the New York Times, there were 3,491 hospitalized patients on Sunday. This is a 31 percent increase from two weeks ago.

CNN reported that, in an administration official’s opinion in August, no changes had been made to the White House’s coronavirus recommendations, despite warnings from some experts about the rising number of hospitalizations in America. In their opinion, people who are particularly at risk of infection should consider wearing masks.

And in July, White House press secretary Karen Jean-Pierre told reporters that anyone who meets with the president is subject to a coronavirus test after members of Israeli President Isaac Herzog’s delegation to Washington tested positive before the bilateral meeting.

White Housestock struggle

Main image source: Bab/Eba/Ting Shen/Bol

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