War in Ukraine.  Russian media: Fugitives return to Russia

War in Ukraine. Some Russians are returning to the country

The site refers to an article published by the Russian daily newspaper Izvestia, which in turn refers to data from headhunter.com. A site specializing in recruiting employees. Specify this 26 percent of refugees returned to the country. This conclusion was based on an analysis of applications submitted by job seekers.

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Finion, a company that provides services for registering residence permits abroad, indicates a higher percentage. According to its survey of 2.7 lakh customers shows that nearly 40 percent return. Fugitives.

Based on data from both entities, Izvestia estimated the number of Russians returning. According to the daily Returned to the country from 174 thousand people (i.e. 26% of all fugitives) to 334 thousand (40%).

They are returning to the country due to stricter immigration laws and unemployment

In October, scientists from the European University Institute in Florence discovered that out of 5,000 Russian immigrants in the 60 countries participating in their study, 15% returned to Russia. who are they. Some are temporary, others are permanent – ​​writes themoscowtimes.com.

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