taxes.  KAS explains that the National Revenue Service is concerned about behavioral messaging for taxpayers

The National Revenue Service (KAS) does not take action nationwide in the area of ​​sending so-called behavioral letters, the Tax Office reported in a response sent to TVN24 Biznes. At the same time, KAS noted that the sending of such messages “is nothing new in Poland or in the European Union.” People who operate unregistered businesses can expect a “behavioural letter” from the tax office.

“Gazeta Wyborcza” wrote on Thursday that the Tax Office is checking Poles who trade on Allegro, OLX or Vinted on a large scale. “He also reads our articles on Facebook or Twitter (currently X). The search process has just begun. The Treasury Department sends letters warning about the search,” – we can read in the article.

The messages sent from the locker are what are called behavioral lists.

The newspaper described the case of Mr. Michaeli, who deals with the rehabilitation of people who have problems with the spine or walking. He advertises his services on social media. Mikay recently received a letter from the tax office.

“The tax office has knowledge of your activities. You must register your business and comply with tax obligations” – as noted by “GW”, the Poles have recently received such messages from the tax office.

Explains the National Revenue Administration

The National Revenue Administration (KAS) responded to TVN24 Biznes that it “does not take any nationwide action in the area of ​​behavioral messaging”. Tax offices do not send such messages to taxpayers en masse.

At the same time, KAS indicated that the sending of so-called behavioral messages is nothing new in Poland or in the European Union. “This is standard practice in EU countries. These measures are aimed at taxpayers voluntarily fulfilling their tax obligations. Prior to 2015, an experiment was conducted that showed that taxpayers who received such informal communication with elements of the economy showed the greatest willingness to pay behavioral taxes.” Read the response sent to us.

It was added that – with regard to the 2015 experience – in the Ministry of Finance the World Bank team presented the preliminary results of the pilot study entitled “The Impact of Behavioral Behavior on Improving Voluntary Fulfillment of Tax Obligations in Poland”.

Who can receive a “behavioral message”?

The National Revenue Service asserted that “the letters may be sent primarily when the office has reasonable suspicion that the taxpayer is engaged in an unrecorded economic activity.” “The sender of the letter can contact the tax office for detailed information and assistance in explaining their situation,” he added.

The message should not be expected by people making occasional sales on the Internet. “Individual sale, for example, of children’s clothing does not matter to the treasury” – KAS reserved.

Tax office representatives also reported that the National Revenue Administration has significantly reduced taxpayer control. “In 2022, KAS carried out just over 22,000 inspections. This is almost 7 times less than in 2008, when there were more than 150,000 inspections.” – stated in the reply sent to TVN24 Biznes.

TVN24 Biznes, “Gazeta Wyborcza”

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