The pre-Daliga party is in full swing at the Esplanade of the Olympic Stadium

The atmosphere takes a step up at the Olympic Stadium as the pre-Taliga party kicks off at 1pm on Friday at the Esplanade of the Olympic Stadium.

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Fans were able to enjoy food, drinks and merchandise for sale. Most importantly, they were able to attend Wall’s concerts for free.

Fans have come from as far away as Uruguay and Mexico to see Metallica perform, and even as far away as the Magdalen Islands.

Daniel and Jeremy are unconditional fans of the group, so they didn’t hesitate to make the trip. Actually “13 hours by road and five hours by boat” they had to get to the Olympic stadium.

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Having already seen Metallica in concert, Daniel brought his entire family with him to “initiate” them into this band he admired.

“Good show everyone!” He said excitedly.

Another group of spectators left Sep-Alls on the North Shore to watch the show on Friday evening.

“A good ten hours [de route]This time there is sure to be construction, there is also a boat with a lot of tourists, so yesterday we can count a good twelve hours,” explains Caroline Michaud.

However, the trip is worth it.

“I saw them 29 years ago, so it’s going to bring back some good memories… We think we put on a good show, and usually they don’t miss a beat. Metallica usually put on good shows,” says Louise Babin.

Mr. Babin came with his entire family including his two daughters and his wife.

“It cost us about $1500 to get here, just the tickets. It is apart from hotel, it is apart from transport, it is apart from food. It costs $3,000-$4,000 to travel to see the show,” he explains.

However, the family wants to make the most of the weekend as they will be performing on Sunday as well.

“We’re Metallica fans, so it allowed us access to the pre-sale, so for the whole family, we got away with $500, so just for the tickets,” noted Ms Michaud, who has not yet decided whether she will stay. For Sunday.

“We will try hard to be there on Sunday because we have seen a little bit of what has been done in other countries in terms of the list of songs and it will be a show on Sunday as well,” he says.

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