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Taiki Waititi's Star Wars comes first on its way to theaters

Taiki Waititi’s Star Wars comes first on its way to theaters

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May 18 2022, 21:40

Lucasfilm has prepared a roadmap for upcoming productions in the Star Wars universe. Taika Waititi is number one and we’ll see his work first. It’s his big comeback after starring in The Mandalorian.

Source: / Gage Skidmore

Rally Vanity Fair a lot of information Concerning star Wars One of them was future projects set in this universe. Lucasfilm Director Kathleen Kennedy Comment on it, and report it They have a road map ready. Taika Waititi In collaboration with the screenwriter of the film 1917 Kristi Wilson Cairns is getting ready for something completely new.

Taika Waititi returns to Star Wars

In an interview with Wired, director said something On the topic of the upcoming movie but There is not much information:

This is still in the “EXT.Space” stage. However, we have a history. I’m really excited because I feel like that.

In addition, he stated that he really likes to surprise viewers in his films and unexpectedly evoke certain emotions in them. The same can be expected in his adaptation star Wars.

Currently, he is busy, and apart from this production, he is also participating in the sequel What do we do in the shade?animated edition Flash GordonAs well as live adaptation Akirathat encounters complications on its way.

Taika Waititi strives to make his productions unique The same can be expected from his adventure in a distant galaxy. Although the plot and titles are missing, it is already known that there is something to wait for.

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