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Mariana Schreiber on Kuba Wojewódzki was surprised by her honest confessions. No one expected such words from the wife of Minister ukasz Schreiber. He’d be really noisy about it! Mariana Schreiber knows how to grab the attention of viewers. Kuba Wojewódzki certainly does not regret having invited Mariana Schreiber to the show.

NS Mariani Schreiber It was loud when she sang w show TVN “Top Model”. Minister ukasz Schreiber’s wife has proven to be an independent woman who fulfills her dreams. In recent weeks, I have told Mariana Schreiber several times, not only about your marriage, but also things like miscarriage if Vaccination of children against covid-19. Finally, Marianna Schreiber decided to invite Kuba Wojewódzki to his program.

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Mariana Schreiber candidly about Tusk and the prime minister’s nephew. just here

Kuba Wojewódzki has inundated Marianna Schreiber with questions about her private life. One of them was very hot. – On what date does the future PiS politician go to bed with his girlfriend? – County fired. At first, ukasz Schreiber’s wife refused to answer. – This is a very special question – She said. The province, however, does not intend to surrender. – Who will ask them if not me? Like this program. Do you feel such a dissonance between the right-wing public value system and life? Asked. Mariana Schreiber’s response was shocking! – Yes really. What else can I say. This one says more than a thousand words Mariana Schreiber replied.

Photo gallery with Mariana Schreiber under investigation


Do you like Mariana Schreiber?

Mariana Schreiber bustles on the seashore

Mariana Schreiber said on the show that she wants to change the lives of the wives of public figures through her media activism. – It’s a very difficult place I’m in. I met my husband when he was running an antiquities store. People think I’m after money and a job. I flew behind my eyes where I saw love. (…) I was not interested in politics when I met my husband – said the minister’s wife from the Law and Justice Party. – I’d like to break it down, so that the wives of public figures can follow their passions and dreams – I confirmed. During the conversation, Marianna Schreiber also said a few words about her husband Łukasz Schreiber. – He is a very smart man. My husband is a very good man – She indicated.

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Kuba Wojewódzki also asked Marianna Schreiber if he was planning a divorce. – I have no such intention. And I wait patiently for my husband to show that 100 percent love would allow him to accept me 100 percent Mariana Schreiber replied. During the interview, the woman admitted that she considers herself a “modern slave”. There was also a question about Mariana Schreiber’s sexual orientation. – Are you bisexual? – Request a boycott. – Don’t ask women about such things – answered Marianna Schreiber, clearly confused, and at one time talked about acquaintance with her friend.

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Mariana Schreiber also admitted that she loves to undress. – I just assume that no human being is alien to us. (…) Well yes – Answered Kuba Wojewódzki’s question.

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